16 Best Neighborhoods in Richardson, TX

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Richardson is a flourishing city in Texas between Dallas County and Collin County. It is often regarded as one of the best locations to live in Texas due to its low cost of living, excellent level of education, and plenty of leisure options.

Those considering moving to Richardson can enjoy a laid-back lifestyle but still have access to modern-day amenities and big city attractions.

In this article, we’ll explore Richardson’s finest communities to find the ones perfect for you. We are confident that you can locate a neighborhood in Richardson, TX, that meets your requirements and preferences, whether you are a family with small children, a young professional, or a retired veteran.

Let’s start your home-buying journey by exploring the best neighborhoods in Richardson, TX!

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Neighborhood Name and SuitabilitySuitable forTypical Home PricesBest Features
Cotton Wood Creek
  • Families
  • Young Professionals
  • Students
$595,000 to $779,000
  • Cozy Ambiance
  • Peaceful and verdant community spaces
  • Multiple restaurant choices around
  • Stellar school options nearby
Crowley Park
  • Families
  • Young Professionals
$410,000 to $540,000
  • Calm and private setting
  • Trails and green spaces converge in a central park
  • Tight-knit spirit is a top priority
  • Proximity to many stores and businesses
  • Excellent local schools
  • Active voluntary neighborhood association
  • Recreational options are plenty nearby
  • Location is close to parks, museums, theaters, restaurants, boutiques, and other points of interest
  • Family-friendly public parks, playgrounds, and pools for kids are available
  • Dallas's downtown area is easily accessible
Greenwood Hills
  • Retired Veterans
$314,000 to $595,000
  • A peaceful and quiet Dallas suburb
  • Tree-lined streets and proximity to parks, golf courses, and other leisure opportunities
  • Walking distance to different establishments and businesses
  • Friendly neighborhood ideal for families
  • A community rich in diversity with an opportunity to learn about and from different cultures
  • Various traditional American and Mexican restaurants are accessible nearby
  • Farmer's markets, organic food stores, and cafes are only a few minutes away
Owens Park
  • Families
  • Young Professionals
$443,000 to $575,000
  • Close to other major cities and significant roads and highways
  • Tennis courts and baseball diamonds are available
  • Beautiful parks, dining establishments, retail stores, and entertainment venues are easily accessible
  • Safe and well-kept neighborhood
  • Homeowners Association providing patrols, guards, and general upkeep
  • High-quality schools nearby
  • With easy access to emergency services
Sherrill Park
  • Families
$480,000 to $585,000
  • Family-friendly community
  • Stellar local schools are easily accessible
  • Recreational areas, such as parks and playgrounds, are only a few minutes away
  • Nearby high-quality hospitals and clinics
  • Convenient public transportation options available
Heights Park
  • Families
  • Young Professionals
  • Retired Veterans
$229,000 to $525,000
  • Attractive and friendly suburban neighborhood
  • Convenient access to cafes, parks, restaurants, top-rated public schools, and major roads
  • Fresh air and plenty of green spaces
  • Level ground ideal for cycling and running
  • A pleasant balance of vibrant social life and a serene environment
  • Consistent law enforcement
The Reservation
  • Families
  • Affluent Homebuyers
$499,000 to $1.37 million
  • Superior educational institutions nearby
  • Proximity to various parks and other green spaces
  • Easy access to Dallas's shopping, dining, and entertainment venues
  • Calm and serene setting with plenty of trees
  • Spacious lots and high-quality homes
Canyon Creek
  • Families
  • Young Professionals
  • Affluent Homebuyers
$1.42 million to $2.6 million
  • A vibrant community offering urban and suburban lifestyle
  • Convenient location near Dallas
  • Numerous establishments to explore in the immediate vicinity
  • Highways and other significant roads are easily accessible
  • Safe and secure community with a solid police presence
  • Clean, tree-lined streets
  • Visually-appealing neighborhood structure
  • Families
  • Retired Veterans
$255,000 to $435,000
  • Top-notch educational institutions are easily accessible
  • A pleasant and secure community
  • Convenient access to main roads
  • Trails for biking, hiking, and jogging in scenic settings are available around
  • Commercial shops and restaurants are plenty around the area
  • Community services for pets include pet shops, and veterinarians are available
  • Educational opportunities that go above and beyond the classroom in terms of competency
  • Excellent curb appeal supplied by various architectural styles of homes
  • Tranquil green spaces
Spring Park
  • Families
$452,000 to $876,000
  • Convenient transportation to nearby cities and points of interest
  • Location near major routes and transportation hubs
  • Mall, dining, and nightlife options nearby
  • Safe and secure community
  • Community amenities such as a swimming pool and fitness center are available
  • Close to Spring Creek Nature Center
  • Hiking, bird watching, and tennis are some of the available outdoor activities
  • Quick response time from law enforcement and easy access to medical services
  • A beautiful, well-kept neighborhood with mature trees and green spaces
  • High-value homes
Fairways Of Sherrill Park
  • Young Professionals
$464,700 to $838,700
  • Nearby major roads make it simple to reach neighboring towns and cities
  • Numerous parks, leisure facilities, and sporting venues are located nearby
  • Easy accessibility to different shopping centers, restaurants, The Shops at Eastside, picturesque views of the Sherrill Park Golf Course and surrounding green spaces
  • Superior safety and community spirit.
  • Dedicated homeowners association
  • Common spaces are patrolled often to ensure everyone's safety
  • Access to local emergency services and law enforcement
Richardson Heights
  • Families
  • Retired Veterans
$435,000 to $479,000
  • Endearing residential area
  • Located near several restaurants, shops, and other conveniences
  • Pet-friendly community
  • Relaxing and tranquil environment
  • Walking distance to nearby parks and gardens
  • Active group of neighbors planning gatherings and community events
  • Easy access to downtown Dallas and main thoroughfares
  • Quick and simple access to various amenities
  • High-quality housing options
JJ Pearce
  • Families
  • Young Professionals
  • Affluent Homebuyers
$529,000 to $1.47 million
  • Safe suburban area
  • Located in the center of Silicon Prairie and 12 miles from downtown Dallas
  • Excellent lifestyle with welcoming neighbors
  • Excellent schools are easily accessible Availability of different high-paying jobs in the immediate vicinity
  • Close to Mohawk Elementary and Pearce High School
  • Easy access to main roads means quick and simple commutes to nearby employment
  • Variety of restaurants such as mom-and-pop joints, and fine dining establishments, all within walking distance from the neighborhood
Cottonwood Heights
  • Families
$249,000 to $559,000
  • Well-kept community spaces
  • Proximity of major cities and an abundance of family-friendly attractions nearby
  • Close to shopping centers, recreational areas, medical facilities, and educational institutions
  • Quiet, safe environment with a low crime rate
  • Close proximity to Dallas's main thoroughfares, retail centers, and downtown area
Arapaho Heights
  • Families
  • Retired Veterans
  • Outdoor Lovers
$392,000 to $550,000
  • Well-established neighborhood
  • Trails for hiking and riding are available nearby
  • Convenient proximity to commercial establishments
  • Plenty of kid-friendly places and facilities
  • Stable and tranquil setting
  • Active homeowner associations
  • Tight-knit community
University Estates North
  • Families
$389,000 to $695,000
  • Close to main thoroughfares, retail establishments, restaurants, outdoor parks and lakefront pursuits
  • Safe and family-friendly community
  • High-quality move-in homes

The Rise of Richardson

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The 1950s was a historic decade in Richardson’s history, marking a dramatic turning point in the city’s development. Its population was just 1,300 at the turn of the century, demonstrating its slow-paced expansion.

In 1954, the Central Expressway was extended into Richardson, marking the beginning of a new era for the city. This crucial infrastructural improvement would send Richardson on a course of fast growth, innovative urban planning, and urban development that continues to form the city’s distinctive character.

The job market of Richardson, Texas, is robust, with several openings in fields including information technology, healthcare, and telecommunications. The city also has some of the best schools and colleges in the country, making it a fantastic choice for families that value their children’s education.

Neighborhoods in Richardson, TX, have significantly improved throughout the years, offering top-notch amenities and conveniences to all its residents to help them achieve a high quality of life in the city.

16 Best Neighborhoods in Richardson, TX

Final Thoughts

What you’ll find in Richardson, Texas, is unparalleled in quality and variety. The area has numerous neighborhoods to choose from, depending on your requirements and needs.

If you further discuss your housing options in various neighborhoods in Richardson, TX, please feel free to get in touch with us by calling 214-708-3241 or sending a message via Bill@BillClarksonRealEstate.com.

I would be pleased to tell you more about the facilities and leisure opportunities in Richardson, Texas. I can also help you look for a place to live that suits your needs and budget well. You can also connect with me through our social media platforms below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Richardson is the location of many telecommunications firms and the Telecom Corridor of the University of Texas at Dallas. It is where significant companies like Ericsson, AT&T, Tellabs, and Alcatel-Lucent have headquarters.

Depending on several factors, including location, architecture style, and others, the typical home value in Richardson, Texas, may range from around $230,000 to $2,000,000.

Richardson, Texas, is often regarded as a secure and welcoming environment for families. When compared to other American cities, its crime rate is relatively low.

Police visibility is also a significant factor in why Richardson is a safe and secure place to settle down. They are involved in the local community through many outreach programs and projects.

It is a preventative method that increases public confidence in law enforcement and encourages them to work closely with locals to make the city safer for everyone.